I am moving myself into the Light 
- or am I being moved into the Light? 

I cannot really tell. 
And I know it isn’t all that important to have certainty.
At the same time it feels infinitely soft and wildly strong. 

I know I am safe.
My cells receive  exactly what they need to fulfill a satisfying travel.  
A travel so rich in it’s different tastes that I can do nothing but surrender in 
great gratitude of this magnificent creativity that is taking place right NOW. 

A travel to a different world 
- a world I have heard of, tasted and felt through my Mother.
She who embodies this infinitely soft and wildly strong. 
I know I am safe because I feel how she is standing in the light with her light, 
in that moment I understand that it is the same light
that I come from and arrive to. 

She is everything I know.
She is the Divine Balance between Freedom and Love. 
I feel the overwhelming pleasure of 
.. feeling .. alive .. 
just as the petals unfold and I gracefully enter into the new World. 
I already LOVE this world as I think this UNFOLDING
is the most beautiful experience I have ever participated in … 
and this is only the beginning.

I love you World.
I love you Mother.

I love this new feeling of my Soul in my Body.