Welcome to Yoni-Art.com

YONI ART is a Universe of Art & Words inspired by Her Mysteries, Wisdom and Power. I hope you’ll enjoy these healing woman-life creations as much as I’m enjoying the creative midwifery work through which they are born.

The Creative Void of Silence.

She carried the Silence in Her.
The infinite Potential.

In Her.

The seeds that would come and go like the Tide.
Each held the possibility of a loud scream.
That would be heard forever.

A Wave of Life.

The First Breath.
It could happen.

Mostly it was a place of other Sacred Creations.
Silence birthed into shape has many expressions.
Always Born from Her.
To be given to the World.

The Infinite Manifestor of Life.

She Is.

Listen to Her Soft Whisper

Listen to Her.

Sometimes she screams Wildly, fiercely.
Sometimes everything has to be completely fully still 
to hear Her soft Whispers.

Do You Listen?

SHE wants you to listen.
With all your Presence.
With all that you are.
Come as you are.
She embraces all.
When you listen. Really Listen.
The doors to the Origin opens.
Joyfully. Playfully. Powerfully.

Ready to transform.

To transform nothing to everything.
Everything to nothing.

Listen and her Alchemical Magic is yours.



I am moving myself into the Light 
- or am I being moved into the Light? 

I cannot really tell. 
And I know it isn’t all that important to have certainty.
At the same time it feels infinitely soft and wildly strong. 

I know I am safe.
My cells receive  exactly what they need to fulfill a satisfying travel.  
A travel so rich in it’s different tastes that I can do nothing but surrender in 
great gratitude of this magnificent creativity that is taking place right NOW. 

A travel to a different world 
- a world I have heard of, tasted and felt through my Mother.
She who embodies this infinitely soft and wildly strong. 
I know I am safe because I feel how she is standing in the light with her light, 
in that moment I understand that it is the same light
that I come from and arrive to. 

She is everything I know.
She is the Divine Balance between Freedom and Love. 
I feel the overwhelming pleasure of 
.. feeling .. alive .. 
just as the petals unfold and I gracefully enter into the new World. 
I already LOVE this world as I think this UNFOLDING
is the most beautiful experience I have ever participated in … 
and this is only the beginning.

I love you World.
I love you Mother.

I love this new feeling of my Soul in my Body.